Bambino Luk

The BambinoLUK system is designed to maximize children's learning through play while meeting individual needs. It contains one easy-to-use 6-tile controller and a series of workbooks targeted for children's intellectual and developmental growth. 

Using colourful, vivid illustrations, and age appropriate yet challenging contents, and a consistent learning model, bambinoLUK offers effective training in the areas of memorisation, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and basic arithmetic. The whole playing process will strengthen their fine motor skills while enhancing their eye-hand and brain coordination. The innovative design features a self-checking mechanism with a colourful dotted pattern. The 6 large and sturdy tiles are easy for children's small hands to handle and are appropriate for this age group's attention span.There are 6 questions on each exercise page to be completed, before the pattern can be shown.

SpecialLUK Primary level series workbooks are designed to help children of ages 2+. They are also helpful for special needs children. BambinoLUK is for ages 3 – 5. 

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Results 1 - 9 of 24